What's in the guide?

  • How to set up your off-season, in-season and post-season training calendar
  • 10 essential pieces of equipment for the ideal weight-room
  • 4 football movement patterns and their related exercises
  • How to test your athletes before, during and after training
  • 3 primary football strength performance goals and their recommended tests
  • 3 frequent football injuries and example injury prevention exercises for each


Strength Training

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The Ultimate Guide to Football Strength Training

Covered in this EBOOK:

  • How to optimize your team's training calendar
  • Setting up the ideal football weight room
  • Exercises that reduce injuries on the field
  • Importance of progressive overload, periodization, and the SAID Principle
  • Plus much more...
  • How to prioritize your training goals
  • How to use periodization in football strength training
  • Sample training cycles by week, block and exercise
  • Training week example tables
  • 5 training day warm-ups
  • Complete example of a workout in a hypertrophy training block at the beginning of a 12-week off-season
  • and more...

Football Strength Training GUIDE 


Excerpt from the eBook:

The physicality of the game (and risk of contact injury) highlights the importance of strength training not only for performance on the field, but also for player safety. Even though most football coaches only get their athletes in the weight room for a short period during the off-season, that doesn’t mean athletes should show up to training camp without any preparation under their belts. In fact, if you really want your players to be successful during the season, the earlier they can start strength training, the better.

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