Strength train correctly for rugby.

Atavus Rugby has partnered with Volt Athletics to bring you the world's first intelligent rugby training app.
Each workout tells you exactly what to do in the weight room to train correctly for rugby and get in the best shape of your life. 

Free 30-Day Trial

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Free 30-Day Trial

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Atavus Rugby training features Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting movements to maximize dynamic strength. Tackle harder, ruck with more authority, and watch opponents quake in their boots.


Using complexes and multi-movement compound exercises, Atavus Rugby training is designed to increase the ability to perform under fatiguing conditions while remaining strong and explosive.


In combination with a proper diet, Atavus Rugby training helps add lean muscle to meet the physical demands of the game. More muscle tissue means greater raw strength, and reduces the risk of injury from repeated impact.









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